We have a new slide!

Work has begun on our new 40 foot slide! The grade in the hill dug, and posts set. Grass needs to be seeded and final touches to finish. Can’t wait to try it!

What are these?


If you guessed pumpkin vine sprouts, you’d be right. Pretty soon, these little fellars will be grown up vines with lots and lots of pumpkins on them. Visit our Pumpkin Patch page to see the types of pumpkins we have planted.

Donkey Treats


Our donkey and his goat pals just love the attention they get from visiting children … and especially these cones of treats! One might think we never feed them — which is just not true!

Pumpkin Cake


We host lots of birthday parties at the farm. Is it more fun for us … or for the kids? We love it! Just sharing this adorable pumpkin shaped birthday cake for young Max on his second birthday! Many more happy birthdays to you, Max — wherever you are!

A Photogenic Cow


While we do have real live cows (and sometimes calves) at the farm, this one is just a fantasy version! She’s made of hay bales and strung with pretty lights. Kids all pile on the bales (her tummy!) for party photos. Such fun!

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